Support for IT Managers


hands on help when you need it


A Manager can get snowed under with their workload very quickly if they are juggling multiple projects. One of the difficulties they may face is being the only member of staff able to complete certain tasks due to experience.


This is where IT support for Managers comes in. We can help with this workload. It may be that installations are taking up a large part of your day. It may be that you are starting a sizeable project that you need supporting with. We can work with IT Managers to help alleviate the workload and keep projects on track.

work with a technician who understands you

Our technicians are fully trained in installation, configuration and training for programs such as Office 365, installing and configuring phone systems and general support for staff, so you are able to focus on your additional projects.


We can also help with server installations, investigatory work or bespoke projects.

pre registration service

We provide a pre registration service for short term & PAYG support. This is a free service providing assurance that if your company does experience unavoidable circumstances, you can call us at 8am on the day in question and start receiving support immediately. We will have all the information we require to start supporting you in the absence of your IT manager. 


If you would rather not pre register, our advice is to ensure another member of your team, whether they are part of the IT team or in a different department altogether, has all the required information to hand, just in case you need support in the future.

Pre register today at zero cost.

Ten minutes now can save ten hours later.


Other IT Support Services

Our Packages can be tailored to your business needs and budget. The services we offer range from consultancy to fully managed support contracts. We can visit you at your premises to go through what you may need help with and help advise you on various paths you can take.