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We provide our customers with cost effective, professional IT support for your business critical systems and equipment.

As well as giving you peace of mind for covering your IT issues we also like to keep it simple on the pricing side of things, which is why we offer a fixed monthly price for support. This makes it easy for you to calculate the costs of additional staff' IT support as you grow your business.


We have various support packages to meet your business' needs.

What service are you looking for?

We cater for all business types from startups to corporate businesses. 

Our Support Packages

full Support

A package for hardware faults and software related issues. Great for smaller organisations with no on site technical resources.

Get your issues resolved with our full support package which offers your users unlimited remote time and for times when the issue can not be fixed remotely, onsite support time is unlimited too.

managed Support

A great package for covering all aspects of your companies IT infrastructure.

Managed Support includes all Full Support features and also includes your IT Infrastructure such as local network equipment, shared printers, security management and 3rd party liaison support for hardware or software you have under contract. We can monitor your systems for a more proactive method of support to make sure you run smoothly.

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remote Support

A package generally for Software related issues. Great for smaller organisations with no on site technical resources.

Liaise with a technician to resolve you problems over the phone and through remote control software. Choose from unlimited or limited hours per month. On site time can be offered on top of this package.

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short term & payg

A package which offers elements of all of our packages. You choose what you need from us.

A support package when you need it most. This can be for a fixed period of time to cover long or short term illness or holidays. Maybe you just need an extra pair of hands to assist your existing technical team.

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The word consultant is a flexible term to describe someone who will be assisting you with your current needs. This assistance can be as simple as advice, or as involved as managing a project for you. It all depends on what you require a consultant for.


We can take on specific projects within your business, help evaluate your current infrastructure and advise on future proofing.


Our experienced IT Consultants will advise you on the implementation of vital upgrades or replacements that would benefit your business. We can recommend straight forward improvements in the use of your current IT, to ensure you make the most of your fixed and mobile devices.


Our initial consultation will ensure the selection of the most suitable IT framework including Cloud and Mobile. We can also help ensure that you have an IT strategy aligned with your business objectives.


The interaction of your staff with your IT structure has an effect on productivity, morale and ultimately the businesses profitability. Having access to efficient IT programs will give your business that all important competitive edge.


We cover all of this this for every user

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