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Grow your business with industry leading technology, configured, installed and trained by the team at Inara. 

Inara Systems always keep on top of latest trends and releases and as we are constantly researching and investing in new solutions in the market sector to keep you running on the latest technology you don't need to. If you are interested in a service we do not currently offer, give us a call, we have the resources to research desired services and find out how they can be implemented to be of the most benefit to you. You can concentrate on running your business, while we concentrate on keeping you ahead of the game.


Thanks to our onsite micro-data centre, all hosting packages are offered at very reasonable prices.

Our Service Packages


The hosted email platform provides an enterprise grade solution, giving reliability, security and protection for your email communications.

​The Inara mail hosted exchange platform is straightforward to establish, expanding on an existing domain or adopting an entirely new one.

Our migration team will handle your transfer, making the move to an exchange infrastructure seamless. With all email customers, access to the help desk is included for additional support queries.


Giving you versatility for your data storage and data access.

All virtual machines are stored on a physical server. We run our own Micro Data Centre so your data and non-physical servers are stored right here in the UK. There is no limit to the number of virtual servers that can run on the Cloud Server platform.

Detailed below are the various types of servers available to you.


As a tier 2 data centre you can be assured that constant access to your data is provided. Systems are monitored around the clock to ensure a highly resilient environment. We can provide you anything from a quarter rack to a full rack and will work with your IT team to make the transition to a data centre seamless.

There are 2 routes for rack space usage: Co-location or Rack Space.

rack space
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desktop as a service

Inara Desktop removes the need for you to carry your USB harddrive/pen with various versions of your work saved. Using a virtual desktop eliminates the headache of synchronising your work, saving multiple copies and keeping other team members waiting on a shared document.

Inara Desktop gives you the freedom to work anywhere in the world and simply pick up where you left off.

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website hosting
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Registration of a domain unique to your business or your new idea prevents others from ever using your identity. Your domain gives you an exclusive piece of real estate alongside a digital highway that cannot be used by anyone else while it’s registered to you.

Our technicians take the stress away and put you in the driving seat. We will be pleased to assist you in the setup of your domain name and the ongoing web hosting.

Providing local backup onto disc or tape based drives. This can be on a dedicated backup machine or installed on a local PC.

We offer the Veeam Cloud Connect Suite which is hosted directly in our own data centre in Lincolnshire. This gives you the extra security blanket that every business requires. If you have a total loss on premises, feel confident that you always have a copy of your data, securely encrypted, stored on your cloud environment.

backup &
disaster recovery
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