Rack Space


Secure storage for

your company hardware

Utilising a data centre to store your company data eliminates capital costs of running an on-site server room. As a tier 2 data centre you can be assured that constant access to your data is provided.


Systems are monitored around the clock to ensure a highly resilient environment. We can provide you anything from a quarter rack to a full rack and will work with your IT team to make the transition to a data centre seamless.


If you require direct access to your data, we can accommodate this with a secure client suite. This service is available to you at no additional cost.

There are 2 routes for rack space usage: Co-location or Rack Space.

Multi honed internet connectivity with fixed, dedicated IP addresses


Supplying your own server to be housed in our data centre is the co-location route. We assist you with the setup and help with server maintenance.


We can accommodate special requirements for any services that are installed on your servers.


Our co-location services are flexible. If you do require additional space for further server purchases or if you would like to combine utilising your existing servers and make use of hosted servers this can be discussed.


Our services are maintained daily, giving you the highest quality connections to your data.

Rack Space

Rack space gives you all the benefits above. The only difference is that you are leasing the equipment.

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Benefits of having your data stored in a data centre

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Reduced on cost of electricity, data requirement, storage space and maintenance costs

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Direct lease line access either by shared bandwidth or dedicated circuits

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Fully qualified management team maintaining the environment

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Great for multi-site business that need a central location

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Centralising your hardware in a data centre can remove geographical logistics that your business incurs, giving you unhindered access to your data in a secure environment

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Our plans can be tailored to your business needs with Mix and Match packages available.