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We're having a quiet Christmas in this year

The directors of Inara Systems Limited have ensured that all their staff have a quiet Christmas this year, well at least their festivities and celebrations will not be disturbed by company mobiles demanding immediate attention. The joint MD’s John and Paul have insisted they will cover all support and maintenance calls for the entire holiday, leaving the staff to enjoy time to themselves and with their families.

This generous offer is in recognition the team has made throughout 2019. Without this incredible commitment Inara Systems would not be the fast-growing company it is today, providing IT and Telephony solutions to a rapidly growing client base who enjoy unrivalled individual support from the dedicated team in the Grantham Data Centre. John said ‘Whilst we did have a great Christmas party – no a REALLY great Christmas party, we felt that the teams families have often taken second place to the demands of careers dedicated to providing brilliant customer service, and they can only truly enjoy themselves if the phones were taken over by Paul and myself’.

Paul said that John and he are well aware of the sacrifices the staff have made to ensure that, despite the rapid growth of the client base, the same high level of personal interaction and care for every client has been maintained.

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