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Inara has 20/20 Vision for Hotels

This month sees the launch of a telecoms and software package which provides unequalled benefits for hotels of all sizes. Designed by Inara Systems, it is the first truly integrated, purpose-built communication package of its type specifically tailored to the hotel and hospitality industry.

The solution represents the conclusion of considerable investment in time, research and design to contain a three-pronged attack on cost reductions, staff efficiency and guest satisfaction. In short, to improve the experience of everyone involved in the smooth running of the hotel.

The hotel module can integrate with popular software systems, allowing a trouble-free installation and commissioning process. It has been designed to allow staff at all levels to operate and guests are ale to set their personal requirements from their room handset.

Not surprisingly, the features and benefits list for Inara Systems' new solution is comprehensive and focuses at all times on guest satisfaction whilst providing staff with quick and easy methods to acheive their objectives.

Here are some of the labour saving and personal features of the new design:

  • Guests' name displayed at reception, room service and management phones

  • Wake up calls set by reception or guest

  • Room status set by housekeeping from bedside phone

  • Web interface for staff

  • Call logging and billing during guest stay

  • Disable phones in unoccupied rooms

  • Do not disturb for individual rooms

  • Preconfigured real time billing for each room

This system has been strongly influenced by the results of research carried out to identify the most prolific irritations expressed by hotel guests and staff alike. However, every hotel is different regardless of how similar they might appear at first glance. The solution is designed to be totally customised for each individual business.

To find out more about the Inara Systems Hotel solution enquire today

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