Service Counter


Make the most out of your hardware

The service counter is here to help you make the most out of your current equipment. With our price match guarantee, you can be confident that you are receiving top quality services at the best prices.


Our technicians are fully trained in house, and can replace individual components for your hardware, work with software companies to order replacement parts or pre install software.


The Service counter is open to both businesses and the public.


If you are replacing PCs in your office, we can help with the installation of Microsoft Office and any bespoke software your team relies upon. This can be completed on site, at Inara HQ or remotely.

We fix broken equipment

We install software on new equipment

We replace existing


The service counter is there to help you make the most out of your equipment

There are so many variants to what can be done to existing equipment we price up each query individually. If you then take out quote to another business and have it price matched this is the fairest way of giving you the best price for the services we offer.

Some of the things we can quote for are:

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Hardware corruption

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Data recovery

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Screen replacement

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Hardware replacement

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SSD hard drive upgrades

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Custom built machines

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Other IT Support Services

Our Packages can be tailored to your business needs and budget. The services we offer range from consultancy to fully managed support contracts. We can visit you at your premises to go through what you may need help with and help advise you on various paths you can take.