Fixed Price Support


Supporting all members of your team

Feeling vulnerable in the office can squash productivity and enthusiasm. It is difficult to ask colleagues a question if you feel like you should already know the answer, and this can lead to self-doubt, wasted time and worrying.


Any question is a question worth asking. If you are unsure about something, the best path to take would be to clarify your question with someone you can trust, who will provide guidance on executing the task in question effectively in the future.


Our fixed price support does just that. It covers each individual member of your team and the equipment that directly affects them. This method gives a tailored service based on individual needs.

let us manage your services and give you peace of mind

IT Made easy

“I found dealing with Inara systems a breath of fresh air, their help pointed out the issues I was having with my server and network and gave me the options of how to fix it using equipment I had."

jerry levick

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support covers your company mobile, tablet, laptop and pc

We aren’t always going to simply resolve the issue for you. If it is a question of explaining a process, your team will become more self-sufficient as their confidence grows.


We keep track of all your raised support tickets, helping you see where knowledge gaps were and where any training is required across the board.


If you are looking for help supporting your office equipment, site infrastructure, phone systems or data we can offer Managed Support for these requirements. Both remote and onsite support is available - choose from packages or contact us to discuss individual needs.

Other IT Support Services

Our Packages can be tailored to your business needs and budget. The services we offer range from consultancy to fully managed support contracts. We can visit you at your premises to go through what you may need help with and help advise you on various paths you can take.