Backup & Disaster Recovery


A multi location back-up solution

physical back up

Physical backup and disaster recovery is designed for your hardware environment within your business.


Do not confuse this with Cloud Online Server Backup. This service is for your local on-site storage whether this is a physical server, a workstation which you design on, or general PC's.

cloud back up

Implementing a hosted backup solution in your cloud environment gives you full assurance that your company data can be restored, following a disaster. This service is for your data stored on either your VPS, VDS, Dedicated server, Virtual Desktop or office 365.

Industry leading backup and recovery software provided by veeam

With this solution we can provide local backup onto disc or tape based drives. This can be on a dedicated backup machine or installed on a local PC.


Additional to this we offer the Veeam Cloud Connect Suite which is hosted directly in our own data centre in Lincolnshire. This gives you the extra security blanket that every business requires. If you have a total loss on premises, feel confident that you always have a copy of your data, securely encrypted, stored on your cloud environment.

disaster recovery

Companies need to guarantee that they are protecting their data and intellectual property. When combining Veeam local backup and Cloud connect you are giving yourself a full disaster recovery suite. In the event of a disaster, you have the ability to gain your data and have a fully functioning IT infrastructure, whether on shared virtual architecture or on local machines within 12 hours.

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There are many benefits of having a backup & recovery plan in place 

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Be operational quickly and effectively after a disaster

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Limit loss of important company data

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Keep business integrity

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Be compliant with current regulations

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Future proof your business

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Our plans can be tailored to your business needs with Mix and Match packages available.